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Image by Sam Farallon


LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS + RESCHEDULES​ - We understand life happens sometimes and you may have to cancel an appointment. We ask that all cancellations and reschedules are made 48 hours prior to your appointment. Any client failing to provide a 48 hour notice for a cancellation or reschedule twice on the same day as their appointment, will be asked to pay 50% of the service cancelled before booking your next appointment.


  • 15 Minute Consultation: 7 Minutes

  • (after you are marked as a "no show" and not able to rebook with us)

  • 30 -45 Minute Appointment: 10 minutes

  • 60 Minutes+ Appointment: 15 minutes


Once the "Grace Period" is over we mark your appointment as a no-show and your appointment is then cancelled and the card on file is charged. You are free to rebook your appointment once our Cancellation Fee of 50% has been paid. We know life happens and no one is at all upset with you! Our boundaries protect us by limiting how often we see no shows on our schedule


CARD ON FILE - I understand that the terms of this authorization will remain in effect until I request that they be terminated. I acknowledge that I am responsible for making this request in writing.


RIGHT TO ALTER OR DENY SERVICE - If for any reason we feel the service you booked is not best suited for you, we will inform you and let you know our professional opinion and suggestion. Alterations and not being able to complete the service is up to the artist providing the service. Reasons to deny services include, but not limited to, arriving late, service booked not correct, etc.

CONTACT WITH ARTISTS - During our work hours we ask that all communications on appointments whether it is a late arrival or booking. We ask you go through our Studio Coordinator or Guest Experience Manager. This allows our artists to focus on their service and time with you.

48 HOUR CONFIRMATION REQUIREMENT - If we do not receive confirmation within 48 hours of your appointment, your appointment will be cancelled to allow your artist time to reschedule. If you do need to keep this appointment and have made an error not confirming your appointment, contact our team ASAP to rebook at no cost.

Image by Sam Farallon


HAIR SERVICE REDO + SERVICE GUARANTEE​ - If your hair did not turn out as plan let us know within 12 days of your initial appointment and we will be happy to make any adjustments. This does not include a change in mind of the overall look after the fact. After this period any wanted adjustments will be charged as full priced services. If you deny a correction this does not warrant a refund. A refund will be considered on a case by case basis. Other service policies will be discussed in their service intake forms at booking.

REACTIONS + ALLERGIES - I understand that reactions, although rare, can occur after receiving hair, skin treatments, brow services or lash extensions. If a reaction is of concern, please let our team know and we may perform a match test of product.

LASH SHED, TOUCHUPS + SERVICE GUARANTEE - I understand that lash extensions will shed as we all have various lash cycles happening at various times. If you see more than 5-6 lashes daily shed, please contact our team. You usually will not see this shed happening as it is very subtle and usually happens when sleeping.

LASH FILL-INS VS MINI FILL-INS - I understand that with shedding of the lashes I will need to come in every 2 weeks (unless specified by my artist) for a fill-in. We offer mini fill-ins that can be performed no more than a week after your last fill-in service. If your service is outside this frame, our team may have to change your appointment to a fill-in or full lash application.

LASH BATH - Do you agree to arrive with no mascara or makeup on the eye area? If you do arrive with unprepared lashes, you agree to the Lash Bath Fee of $15.

SERVICE AFTERCARE - I agree to follow the aftercare instructions provided to me by my artist. I understand that if my artist feels I am not taking proper care of my hair, brows, lashes or skin this will void me from our service guarantee policy which allows for a complimentary touch-up, as we will not be able to determine if the issue is from poor aftercare or application/product issues.

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