4 Steps to Moisturized + Glowy Skin During Winter

With the cold, dry winds your skin can feel tight and uncomfortable. Below are our favorite tips for increasing your moisture and hydration retention during the winter season!

Adding additional moisture and hydration to more steps of your routine will help with providing an increase for both in your skin!

Are you ONLY using a moisturizer thinking that will add enough hydration to rebalance your skin? That will not do it! Try using a hydrating serum with your moisturizer.

This is a MUST no matter what your skin type may be. Exfoliating is the first step to increasing moisture. If the skin has excessive dead skin cells attached to the surface, this will prevent all of your hard working products from reaching their fullest potential.

These areas are important not to skip! The undereyes are a much thinner skin compared to the rest of the face and the lips being dry can be down right uncomfortable!