4 Tips to Keep Your Skin Clear (even during your quarantine)

While most of us have been doing our skincare perfectly and working out during the quarantine. Some may be experiencing mini breakouts whether it be from skipping some steps in your routine or stress. I totally get it and am there right now! I was on a regimen of transforming my skin but with a couple of days of not prepping my skin for the day; I’m seeing the breakouts from how ridiculous oily I get by noon.

I want to share my tips to help make sure I keep my skin on point during this quarantine. No need to buy anything. Work with your regimen and the products you have!

1. Make sure to cleanse your skin morning and night.

Now I know cleansing morning and night for some people can be weird or drying, but when done right, it makes a difference. Cleansing doesn’t always mean a foaming cleanser. It can be a micellar water or toner in the morning and a cream or foam cleanser at night. It is important to use something to remove oils and dead skin cells that maybe on your pillows. Yah, I know, ew, we shed those all the time and we want to get them off! Even if you aren’t wearing makeup during the day, you always want to cleanse your skin before doing your regimen. Although we shouldn't be touching our faces right now, we do tend to lean on hands and those oils and bacteria are perfect for a new break out to form.

2. Remember to exfoliate AT LEAST ONCE a week.

For certain skin types, I would even suggest 2 times a week. At a minimum be sure to keep your regimen of once a week, or this is a great time to create the habit! Exfoliation shouldn’t be a harsh thing if you are using a granular exfoliator, you want to be as gentle as possible with this. Use light to no pressure and let the granular do the work.

Please avoid scrubs with granular from large seeds like apricot. Small seeds from

strawberries, blueberries, etc are great because they are gentler on the skin. Our Mint Poppy Seed Polish is an amazing exfoliant with enzyme properties and can be used as a mask!

3. Remember to switch those pillowcases!

I usually change my pillowcase once to twice a week. I realized yesterday, with how things have been flying by, I haven’t changed in a week in a half. Don’t judge me. It’s gross. I know. I feel shame. So make sure to change yours and wash in hot to warm water! The best laundry detergent to me is a dye-free and/or fragrance-free. I like the lavender-scented sprouts detergent, but if fragrance bugs you, try the fragrance-free option!

4. Don’t let sugar takeover!

It’s easy to sit back and chug Dr. Peppers all day. I had to slow myself down. I was at 3 cans a day which is way more than my usual. Try eating fruits if you want a quick sweet bite. We’ve been stocking up on fruits for a healthier snack option. If you do have a sugary day, just balance it with a TON of water. I’ve been drinking from my favorite mason jar, which I learned holds 32 oz, so I’m aiming for at least 96 oz a day!

Most of all keep yourself safe and healthy! If stress is an effect I always try to incorporate yoga, light meditation or the Calm powder in a cup of lavender tea. Maybe have a zoom or FaceTime call with friends and have a facial party!

Talk to you next time!