Henna VS Traditional Brow Tint

Two of our most commonly asked questions is:

"What is Henna tint?" and "Why is it different than traditional brow tint and which one do you like the most?" We love both for different reasons and they both can benefit you depending on your end goal and desired affect.

About Traditional Brow Tint:

  • Traditional brow tint is a Demi-permanent tint safe for the face that tints the hair and skin to help give a soft definition to the shape

  • Traditional tint lasts about 1 day-4 days on the skin and on the hair it can last about 5 weeks

  • Traditional tint uses a traditional color developer

About Henna Brow Tint:

  • Henna tint is something that isn't new to the beauty industry!

  • It has been used for 1000 of years to use for adding pigment to hair and the skin.

  • It has been used in many cultures for beautification and traditions.

  • Traditional henna is created using orange pigments, now they have created an array of colors

  • Henna tint will last on the hairs for about 5 weeks and stain the skin anywhere between 3-6 weeks

  • Your skin type will affect the longevity of results, so oilier skins can expect to see fading faster and dryer skins can expect to see longer last results!