Let that Unibrow Grow (Before your Brow Appointment)

Waiting between appointments is daunting. Especially, during the first few appointments when your hair growth has not been regulated. During this time you have multiple hair growth cycles still happening at the same time.

We are trying to catch your hair growth in the anagen phase and that occurs every 3-4 weeks. The more regular you are with waxing the less hair growth you will begin seeing between appointments.

Leaving all those annoying little hairs (including your unibrow) is so important because this will determine if we will get those hairs this appointment or not. So put down the tweezers so no brows get hurt.

Some great things to add to your regimen to promote hair growth between appointments is:

  • Castor Oil which is an amazing dry oil that helps promote hair growth and healthier hair. Mix this with a tiny drop of your favorite face oil, our favorite is Jojoba oil.

  • Rosemary Essential Oil is a wonderful oil that assists in promoting hair growth. Rosemary is very stimulating and will pull blood flow to the skins surface to strengthen not just the skin. Less is more with rosemary oil

We have an awesome brow and lash serum that combines all the best ingredients we recommend for your brow growth journey at the studio! It takes about 4-5 brow appointments to get your brows back on track and in shape.

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