Show your lashes love!

In the age of wearing masks, it is time start showing those brows and lashes some love! Lash extensions are an amazing option for those wanting length, volume and something to make the getting ready process easier and fast.

Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are the more natural option. This is great as introduction to lashes. We will apply one artificial lash to your natural lash until all of them have been lashed. This will give more length with and a slight enhancement with lash volume.

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes are the step up from classic lashes. We will mix the application and technique of volume and classic. This gives a semi-glamourous look. We will analyze your natural lashes to determine the best map to give you the results you are looking for.

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are a great option for those with less lash density. Light weight lashes are fanned out and applied to the lashes to give a fuller, fluffier affect. These fans are great for filling in sparse areas and giving the lashes a glamorous look.

Which style is your favorite? Each set is tailored to suit your eye shape!