Skin Tips for Traveling

Are you constantly traveling for business or personal events? I'm sure you notice a difference in your skin during and after your travels (and if you don't, you are lucky)! I had a very last minute reason to travel. We had the news that we would need to travel a day before we had to leave. I never travel, so I was worried if I had any quick items to pack without going to the store. Thank goodness I did! With a wake up time of 3:30am to get to the airport for our flight I knew I would be a whiny baby in the morning, because how many of us are happy to wake up a 3:30am? So here are my tips to preparing your skin before those early morning and last minute trips!

Keep a powder cleanser on hand!

I know powder cleansers are not the most common skincare items but our two lines in our studio have a powder cleanser. With liquid products TSA only allows you to bring no more than 3.4 oz with most full size cleansers being 5-7 oz. With powders TSA allows you to bring up to 12 oz in a closed container! That is a great amount and with powder cleansers lasting a good bit longer than liquid or cream cleansers you can make this last the full shelf life!

Apply your skincare BEFORE your flight!

We know, you have seen beauty influencers online put skincare on during flights to perk up but think about this. Planes run recycled air so the moment you walk on the plan the air is pulling moisture out of your skin. So if you do not apply your moisturizer prior to your flight you do not have an occlusive layer to retain the moisture on your skin during the first half of your flight.

CLEASE + REHYDRATE after the flight too

With the air being recycled you want to ensure you get any bacteria removed from your skin and rehydrate your skin with your favorite hydrating serum (our favorite is Sorella Apothecary's Main Squeeze Serum). Then follow with a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type! This will reenforce and replenish the moisture you were trying to retain during the flight.

So on your summer travels you do not worry about dealing with cranky skin! We will soon be stocking our travel favorites in TRAVEL SIZES! Stop by soon to see what we will have