Spray/At-Home Tanning Tips - #SPRAYDONTLAY

Although, we still know many family and friends who have memberships for tanning beds or are mostly found out by the pool all the summer. Don't get me wrong I enjoy laying by the pool like any other girl but I use sunscreen to protect my skin, especially my face, neck, chest, and hands. I would recommend wearing sunscreen on these areas daily, even on cloudy days.

Our other favorite summer tip to bronze but healthy skin is an amazing spray tan. We always heard our brides and prom girls saying they were going to be significantly tanner on the day of because they were getting a spray tan! Yay! They would show up the day of either IN LOVE or mad that their bronzed goddess looks a little bit splotchier than expected. Those splotchy tans are not always the technician's fault. There are so many small variables that can lead to a splotchy spray tan. Below we talk about our favorite tips, prep products, spray tan spots, and more!



  • Exfoliate and moisturize really well the night before

  • Be sure to also shave the night or morning before

  • DO NOT use Dove soap or lotion products (We saw in many places spray tan specialists advising against Dove products because of the film it leaves on the skin which can cause splotchiness)


For best results avoid wearing makeup or lotion but if you are coming in after work no worries! Some places like the amazing Raw Bronzing Studio that was started right here in Georgia offer Prep Packages you can add on to your appointment to remove makeup, dead skin cells, etc.

Wear dark and loose clothing to prevent staining and the marks that tight clothes can leave


  • Moisturize regularly with a spray tan safe lotion-like Hempz.

  • Avoid water for 4-8 hours after your appointment

  • Wash or wipe the palms including your nails and between your fingers every hour to prevent that dreaded orange stain

  • Oily skin types: be sure to know that some oilier skin types can require a second spray since the oils can cause certain formulas to oxidize lighter than usual

  • Avoid wearing socks and shoes after your appointment to allow your tan on your feet to develop evenly

  • Try to avoid wearing tight clothes for at least 5 hours after your appointment

  • Do not shave for 12 hours

  • Products with AHA, BHA, retinol, harsh soaps, etc could possibly strip your color prematurely so be aware of their effects and placement when using these products

So remember to be gentle on your spray tan! It may take you a couple sessions to get your maintenance routine right and for you and your spray tan technician to learn how your tan holds. Also, next time you get your spray tan post about it! Share that you are choosing the #SprayNotLay. Healthy skin is happy skin!

Happy Spray Tanning!

With love,