What is a lash lift?

It is a perm for your lashes! A lash lift is amazing for clients who are interested in a low-maintenance lash service and have long full lashes. Even if you do not think you are a candidate, check with your Beauty Alchemist!

They will discuss details with you on whether this service is good for you. If needed we may have you start a lash serum before your lift to enhance the results. We always like to explain to our clients that sometimes it takes 2 lifts to see the full results. The reason being - we have 3 hair growth cycles so some lashes will be a tiny bit too short to be included in the lift. We will see these be included in the next lift!

At your appointment, we will discuss your goal for the curl and determine the correct shield/rod for your lashes based on your goals and the length of your natural lashes. Once we decide this we will apply them to your lid with a tiny bit of tape beneath to prevent the stickiness from the bonding gel from remaining on the skin.

The steps to the lift are as follows after this point:

  1. Bond Lashes to Shield/Rod - this is the part where we can get extremely detail-oriented. We will strategically separate and place your lashes on the rod. This part will determine the lift and the separation we get!

  2. Perm Solution - this is where the lash bonds will be broken to allow the second step to form the lash bonds into the desired curl!

  3. Setting Lotion - this step is where the bonds will be reset into the curl we desire

  4. Tint - We will tint your lashes black or blue/black to enhance the lift and give you that "I woke up like this" vibe

  5. Moisturizing Serum - This step repairs and moisturizes the hairs - after this, we will dry and be all finished!

The amazing part of Lash Lifts is that the maintenance is minimal! Below are the 3 main tips for keeping up your lashes!

  • Do NOT get your lashes wet for 24-48 hrs after your appointment

  • Use our Lash and Brow Toxx serum to repair your lashes every night

  • Return for your next lift in 7-8 weeks or when the lift has gone